Paula's cyanotype exploration is about life just as it is, about nature and simpleness. Nature makes its appearance in the way she uses plants and how she creates her cyanotypes: by walking around and searching for what it's already there and can only be discovered by being present.

One of her goals is to play with the limits set by the variability and uncertainty of the technique in order to explore further and to choose what to capture, as a form to express how she sees life.

Lately, she's been experimenting with those limits by using new materials, like threads. The threads' elusiveness results in fragile and yet complex shapes.

The cyanotype process is an alternative photographic process that produces a Prussian blue print. The image is obtained as a result of iron salts' sensitivity to light.

This makes each cyanotype beautifully unique.


  • 2019. "Perenne" at Huella Botánica curated by Ether Arts Projects. (Solo show)
  • 2018. "Vivarium" at Huella Botánica curated by Ether Arts Projects. (Group show)
  • 2017. "Naturaleza y cianotipia".(Group show)
    Homage to Anna Atkins. Argentina - México - Chile - Uruguay - Brasil - Ucrania A project by Alejandra Marin and Natalia Monserrat. Curated by: Jorgelina López, Alejandra Marin and Natalia Monserrat.

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